Chilled Mirror Dew Point Hygrometers

Harmony Technology, inc. specializes in humidity sensing using dewpoint measurements.

HTi CMS2 chilled mirror sensors use the most accurate technology available to measure humidity for laboratory or industrial use.

Chilled mirror hygrometers directly measure the amount of water vapor in the sample gas, providing inherent accuracy and long term stability superior to other humidity measurement technologies. A Chilled Mirror Sensor cools a mirrored surface until a stable dew or frost layer forms on it, and then measures the mirror temperature. This temperature is, by definition, the dewpoint, a direct measure of the vapor pressure of water. Chilled mirror hygrometers are used as standards in metrology labs and industrial test and measurement applications where accurate and repeatable humidity measurement is required.

HTi's CMS2 Hygrometer Systems

  • Feature chilled mirror technology for high accuracy and high reliability.
  • Use a color touch screen interface for display and set-up.
  • Include analog, alarm and RS-232 outputs.
  • Can use temperature and pressure input modules for psychrometric calculations.
  • Are NIST traceable.
  • Feature ACCU-STAR, an automatic mirror cleaning function, to reduce maintenance.
  • Include an internal filter to extend the interval between cleanings.
  • Come standard with a solid platinum mirror with a five year corrosion warranty.